CHIM-FLOUX Lyme Package

CHIM-FLOUX  Lyme Package & for all 'mystery illnesses' 

This line of products are "energy medicine", meaning they work on the subtle energy levels - which address the physical body and also the 96% of who and what we are. Our physical bodies are only 4% as discovered in quantum physics. Therefore, for true healing to take place, it is imperative to address not only the physical aspects of our bodies, but we also need to address ALL the rest. 
This technology has been a major component to my personal experience of being free of Lyme Disease!

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The sure way to evolve from now on into a better self!
Alfons Ven, an Engineer turned healer out of necessity.
Alfons Ven devised a 28-day “Matrix Support Program’ to evolve from now on ‘into a better self’.
Giving everybody a chance to live a healthy and victorious life. 
It all started with a vision. How plants overcame their fear to be devoured, and were endowed with subtle invisible information to overcome and control it. 

That insight evolved further into Twelve Aspects. (See figure below.)
Each Aspect covers specific regulating evolutionary patterns. 
Alfons introduces this patterns onto pills giving readjusting instructions to man, in order to
  • Clarify and be at peace with the past.
  • Get better attuned with the Invisible.
  • Discover and live the real, original you.
  • Live a safe and well-balanced existence.
  • Realize what you imagine.
  • Unlock your personality.
  • Boost your awareness.
  • Free your spirit
  • Restore your soul.
  • Heal your body and mind
  • Evolve from now on into better.
  • Reap the fruits of progress and growth. 
The conditions are simple:
  • Just start with a “Matrix Support Program”.
  • Let it happen and rely on your ‘automatic goal striving, built-in regulating system’.
  • Respect your very best nature.
  • Commit to good causes and realistic goals.
  • Stay focused and grateful.
  • Act swiftly when opportunity knocks. 
The “Matrix Support Program” is inserted in a blister pack –easy to use. Over the 28-day program, a few little sugar pills are taken. It’s that simple. The pills are inert. Meaning that no chemical substance has been added during their manufacturing. Therefore, there are no side effects, no possible overdose. Young and old - man and animal alike – can safely use them.
The patterns on the pills affect the invisible part of us and are not to be taken as a medicine in the literal or scientific sense. 
Where to begin?
The Step-1-Program is equipped to deal with a wide range of problems – to clear up many hidden issues while readjusting you as a whole being. It’s also an extensive terrain treatment. It assists in the constitutional upgrade and rebalancing of the metabolism. It also facilitates the reintegration of the ‘Twelve Aspects’. It has a deep restoring effect on the immune system.
If one feels that there are still some unresolved issues, it is recommended to state the issues in an e-mail. A personalized Step-2-Program can then be designed for your particular needs. This may be repeated to upgrade your functionality even more.
This Step is an invitation for progress and growth, to assist you further in the fine-tuning to the Twelve Aspects.
Has been helping people worldwide since 1996. Amazing testimonials of healing and changes of life for the better keep streaming in daily. 
Whatever your issues are, whatever you tried before, the ‘Matrix Support Program’ is always an asset. 

There is an amazing phenomenon with these pellets: 
Place the pellets over your heart with your hand over it and pray - set your intention. State what it is that these pellets are doing for you (present terms) for example: "my lower back, my eyes, my worry about..., my relationship with... is completely healed now, as all my cells and all elements, aspects and energies within me are healed - all physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, all subtle energy levels are revitalized and restored back to 'original intent' (God's - prime creator's - original design)"
These pellets are designed to hold intention. Therefore when we pray over them, they hold our intentions and prayers, so when you take them your cells, your body, mind, spirit receives this information and intention. The most amazing thing is that these pellets start popping like popcorn. Sometimes a lot (especially initially) but most often just a few pops during your prayer. And when you place them down again, they sometimes keep popping. Proof that what we think matters - literally! The tangible pellets are affected by thoughts.
Also try writing down your prayer to keep your pellets placed over your prayer so they continue to receive that intention. And when praying, really feel in your body the areas that you are speaking about and feel the changes already occurring. This is such a gift!
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