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The Bob Beck Protocol 

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The big achievement of Dr. Beck was his encouragement of many thousands of people, to take their health in their own hands. "Take back your Power!" was his message. Health can be regained and maintained with little effort.  

According to Beck, “when the proper micro-current is correctly applied into the blood, it neutralizes ALL viruses, pathogens, microbes, parasites, fungi, mycotoxins, coexisting foreign lifeforms, alien invaders and their byproducts.”
Electrotherapy actually mimics the the body’s own immune system, which also uses electricity.

Beck said this method “can cure all known infectious diseases including HIV, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Epstein Barr, Herpes, E Bola, Botulism, Anthrax, and all man-made biological warfare viruses.” It is completely safe, does not harm healthy cells or tissues, and has no side effects.

During his outstanding career as physicist, scientist and inventor, Dr. Beck developed a health protocol (ex: the Zapper and Magnetic Pulser) based on that technology. The health benefits were quickly obvious for him and his associates. He founded a research society and conducted a study. The results of this study were never published, due to political and other reasons. The method he developed would permit everyone with self responsibility for their health to make their own research. 

Go to for video interviews with Beck and testimonials from patients who have helped themselves with his protocol.
MUST SEE Dr. Beck's Lecture - Take Beck Your Health
Taken from Youtube: “This is a rare video, taken in 1996 at Ventura College, of Dr Robert (Bob) Beck. A genius in the field of magnetism and electricity, he focused the last decade of his life on using micro currents to render all known virus, bacterial and parasites (including HIV!) powerless. This video seriously challenges current drug/chemical-fueled approach western science takes towards the treatment of disease.” 

Who was Dr. Beck?

During his outstanding career as physicist, scientist and inventor, Dr. Beck worked on government projects, ran his own company and was a lecturer at universities. He is the only double winner of the “J.G. Gallimore Award for Scientific Achievements” of the U.S. Psychotronics Association (the second time he won it in 1998) and 1990 he won the “John Fetzer Foundation Pioneering Award” for his contributions to brain science. As a young university student he invented the electronic flash with low voltage - he can be considered the father of modern flash photography.

After abandoning his career in 1993 he risked name and fame with his research in the field of micro current technology for health reasons, after he learned that there had been successful experiments conducted at Albert Einstein University for Medicine. All public data on the results of the experiments were withdrawn quickly, but Dr. Beck discovered, that there had been a patent application.

He developed a health protocol based on that technology. The health benefits were quickly obvious to he and his associates. He founded a research society and conducted a study. The results of this study were never published, due to political and other reasons. The method he developed would permit everyone to be their own researcher of their own health.  Dr. Beck died in.2002 at age of 77 by heart attack (the exact circumstances are disputed still).
Dr. Beck's Protocol Handbook
Beck's Protocol consists of four devices: 
 Zapper & Magnetic Pulser are primary - with 2 other supportive devices,
in addition, a 5th device helps to purify and eliminate toxins & heavy metals: Detox Foot Spa
miniZAP® LCD Beck Zapper / blood zapper
Parapulser® - Magnetic Pulser

Why the “mini”?

  • The miniZAP ® is the only device that you can wear like a watch. Why is that important? Because a regular treatment range is in the 100 hours, which can causes quite a handicap and discomfort if not worn easily on the wrist. (No long cables, heavy weight and difficult operation)
  • The miniZAP ® is known as the world's smallest (Beck) Zapper. Not only is it much smaller than any other device on the market, it's cutting-edge components and technology also incorporates an LCD that displays messages acoustically and visually - both the current period of application, as well as the total number of hours (eg 84 hrs. In 6 weeks) are displayed. 
  • The miniZAP ® is only device that guarantees a 100% constant electric current flow under all circumstances (7 error checking functions)
  • Though the miniZAP® is small, this model achieves 800 µA output current, which is far beyond the normal tolerance level. With its up to 35 V output voltage it surpasses all bigger zappers (as found in others with heavy battery and without high quality parts, the major part of the battery potential is converted into useless heat energy).
  • Together with its special electrodes the miniZAP® offers an unmatched price/performance ratio. This is shown by a recent comparison chart with eight other Beck zappers.
more on the miniZAP

Why the “Parapulser”?

  • The Parapulser® is much faster than other available brands, despite maximum pulse strength and low cost. 
  • A full body session can be done in just 10 minutes, which saves hours of time just waiting, which is purely lost due to outdated technology (e.g. SOTA device). 
  • The Parapulser® offers synergistic benefits of frequency therapy, as it reaches 10 - 20 Hz 
  • The Parapulser® has 3 different, price models (use and try 20 Hz with contingents before you commit to PRO upgrade). 
  • Superior price/performance ratio. Comparable performance can reach into high end devices ($10.000 and up).

See Comparison of the "PARAPULSER" and “SOTA MPG5”  
(Sota is the product that Dr. Beck approved when he was alive, but technology has advanced considerably since then. And nothing so far can outperform the technology offered by NuLife
The Beck Protocol
Germany Made Products
miniZAP® LCD
five year warranty
(EUR 299,00) $338 US

The miniZAP® is a Dr. Robert C. Beck Zapper and the world's smallest yet most advanced blood zapper (blood purifier device). The miniZAP® LCD energizes the body by weak alternating currents through the skin and strengthens its power and regenerative capacity on the bioelectric level. 

Users report spontaneous increase in energy and general well-being. The application is completely harmless and can be safely carried out by anyone. Sustainable results show up after a few days to weeks. more
Parapulser® - Magnetic Pulser
advanced, powerful & compact
(EUR 399,00 ) $450. US
Pulsating low frequency magnetic fields (PEMF) penetrate the whole body. neutralizes parasites, viruses, and pathogens in tissues and not circulating in the blood. It's designed for targeting lymph nodes, organs, & tumor sites Use in conjunction with the miniZAP blood purifier. 

PEMF is known to improve:•cell metabolism and ion transportation for better cell nutrition (and excretion). •oxygen assimilation 
•lymphatic activity.•blood flow. •alkalinity in extra-cellular fluids 
•melatonin production (which has anti-stress and anti-aging effects). more
The miniSilver® generator
for colloidal silver
(EUR 49,95) $56.35 US 
Beck found that drinking Ionic/Colloidal Silver protected against secondary and opportunistic infections when detoxing from blood electrification. 

The miniSilver® generator for colloidal silver offers one of the cheapest methods for producing high quality colloidal silver in a reasonable time.
Because of the compact power supply the miniSilver® generator for colloidal silver is the smallest complete set and fits into the smallest travel bag (it can be operated from 110 up to 240 V). more
purZone® ozonator p-500
500 mg/h Ozone generator
(EUR 118.15) $133.29 US 
Beck stated that the supplementation of ozonated water to patients he studied reduced their disease recovery time on average from 21 days down to 5 days. 

He recommended drinking three glasses per day even when well. Ozone: Ozone (O3) is the greatest detoxifying agent known to man as it oxidizes and kills bacteria and parasites. 
Accordance with Dr. Beck Protocol.   more    
Cost: When an amount is listed in parentheses it means that amount is the amount that the supplier goes by. The US dollar amount listed was valid on Sept 2016 and should be checked at this site to convert the amount in parentheses to US dollars. 
A zapper is only as good as its electrodes

For the overall performance of a Beck Zapper, the electrodes have at least the same importance as the zapper electronic circuit itself. Dr. Beck didn’t use standard electrodes, because their profile exceeds the area of the blood vessels.

According to Dr. Beck, the contact area of the zapper electrodes should be compatible to the width of the vessels (have about 1/8 inch or 3 mm width) and not exceed a certain length (3 cm), because otherwise the dissipative currencts become too strong. (inefficient currenct, due to decreased focus).

Use the Electrode gel, which is THE medium for assuring a good electric contact. It is absolutely skin neutral. 

Question: If the electrodes are on the same wrist, wouldn’t the electricity will pass at skin level and not go down into the tissues because electricity will take the shortest route and the electrodes are next to each other?

Answer: Not quite so: The blood vessels are right below the skin. When the pulse is chosen for electrode placement, the current goes directly into that vessel’s blood stream. The electrodes don't sit next to each other, but 3.5 to 4.0 cm apart. As one needs to concentrate the electricity on a small area, the electrodes have vessel shape.
The miniZAP comes with special electrodes -

Gold is resistent against almost all acids, even hydrochloric acid. Only aqua regia, a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, can dissolve gold. This is the reason why the miniZAP® uses gold. Regardless, whether salt water or electrode gel or anything else is used - the surface doesn corrode or oxidise, in contrary to the brass and copper electrodes.

Disclaimer: Please understand we are not medical professionals, and we are not making any claims or offering recommendations or advice. By reading the information on this site you are agreeing that you take full responsibility for any decision you make because of it. Any information shared is based on science, hearsay, testimonials, lay people and professionals. The content provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Always consult your doctor.

Why do the “Detox Foot Spa” too?

The Beck Protocol is a highly effective and overall simple way to - as Beck says "neutralize ALL viruses, pathogens, microbes, parasites, fungi, mycotoxins, coexisting foreign lifeforms, alien invaders and their by products.”, but what about toxins, heavy metals and "microbial die off"?  Combining the Detox Foot Spa with the Beck Protocol is the difference between - easier vs. not so easy   more

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