Detoxification Program

The Six-Phases of Disease Table
According to Dr Reckeweg’s Homotoxicology theory, there are six phases to the body’s ability to cope with toxins. These are represented in the Six-Phase Table:
Excretion: In this phase, the body is able to adequately cope with and excrete toxins. A runny nose and diarrhoea are examples of the excretion phase.
 Inflammation: A fever is an example of the inflammation phase of toxicity. A fever is the body’s natural attempt to neutralise toxins that it cannot adequately remove by excretion.
Deposition: If the toxins still cannot be removed, the body stores them. This phase is usually asymptomatic. However, when the proper treatment is administered, one of the first signs that it is working is symptoms of disease. This is said to be because the toxins are being flushed out of the system.
Impregnation: After a period of time the body becomes “impregnated” by the toxins. They become part of the connective tissue itself and cause tissue damage. Severe symptoms can occur at this stage.
Degeneration: Organ degeneration occurs during this phase as the built up toxins destroy large cellular groups within the organs.
Differentiation: At this stage toxic cellular groups “differentiate” or distinguish themselves as distinct cell forms. Malignancies such as tumours form at the extreme end of this phase.

Complete BioDetox Kit

 Unlike many companies that are struggling to meet the new GMP requirements established by the FDA, companies that are being regulated into implementing quality programs, extensive Quality Control has always been part of the corporate fabric of Biotics Research Corporation.
Biotics Research BioDetox Kit
Each kit supplies: 1 bottle of Beta-TCP (90T), 1 bottle of Bromelain Plus CLA, 1 container of NutriClear, 1 container of Whey Protein Isolate, and 1 container of Bio-Detox Packs (30 packs/container). It also includes a blender bottle and a folder with complete instructions.
Retail Price: $249.90

17 day program:
Step 1- first 7 days 
Decreasing Inflammation Addresses 
3 of the most common underlying causes of chronic health challenges
  • Structural Problems 
  • Hidden Food Allergies 
  • Acute / Chronic Inflammation
Step 2 - Metabolic Cleansing ~ 10 - 20* Days 
Addresses 4 of the most common underlying causes of chronic health challenges 
  • Toxic Overload 
  • Harmful bacteria, parasites, fungus 
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity Leaky Gut
Also addresses - Regeneration & Repair Stage 
  • Cell Malnourishment
20* Days - explanation from step 2:
If we find you need more detoxing (can be determined closer to the 17th day, or your choice) you would simply do another 10 days of Step 2 only (Whey, NutriClear & Bio-Detox Pack -supplements). It is quite possible that the 17 days will be sufficient. Especially with good compliance.

Great care went into the creation of this program whereby the liver-gastrointestinal connection and its resulting inflammation are addressed, as well as a thorough internal cleansing addressing the toxic load. 

Conveniently packaged, each BioDetox Kit contains 1 bottle of NutriClear® or 1 bottle of Pea Protein Isolate (for those who are vegans or have milk allergies), 1 bottle of Bio-Detox PacksTM (30 Packets) along with a shaker cup. Individuals could follow an “anti-inflammatory” diet (manual and recipes included), and use the BioDetox Kit as follows:

Breakfast------------------Scoops NutriClear, Scoop Whey Protein or Pea Protein Isolate, 1 packet Bio-Detox Pack
Lunch----------------------  Light healthy lunch, 1 packet Bio-Detox Pack
Mid-Afternoon --------- Scoops NutriClear, Scoop Whey Protein or Pea Protein Isolate 
Dinner----------------------  Healthy dinner, 1 packet Bio-Detox Pack
Complete directions, including the Complete Bio-Detoxification guide, is included in the kit

Short Clip about the Detox Program  
Now a 2 Step Detox (rather than 3 Step)

Nancy attended seminars 2004 - 2005  "Mastering the Science & Skills of Bio-Detoxification" – Presented by BioMedical Institute of Complementary Health Care and Dr. Abbas Qutab MD.,DC., Ph.D. (in video above) - An in depth study seminar on Achieving Optimal Health with Detoxification – reducing chronic fatigue, pain, inflammation, and challenging health issues.

The products in this protocol are Biotics Research, offered only through doctors and health care professionals. This Detox Program is designed by Dr. Abbas Quitab, as a result of many years of scientific research. He uses Biotics Research products in this protocol, since Biotics products are pharmaceutical grade, known for purity, and state of the art innovations and research, and is highly trusted in the natural health care industry. 

This Detox Program has been proven as highly effective by thousands who have experienced it, and is designed to be easy to incorporate into any lifestyle. With the toxic burden that we all are contending with in todays world, it is imperative to do a thorough detox at least once a year - "spring cleaning". And for those who are dealing with major health challenges, detoxing more often is proven to assist the body in the process of healing faster, by releasing the burden and providing the body with what is needed for restoration.

Currently, science shows that toxins are accumulating in the human body faster than can be eliminated.

These harmful toxins store in fat tissue, joints, muscles and even the brain. We see evidence of this as debilitating health issues are occurring in people much younger than previous generations. It seems that none of us today are free from experiencing health challenges on one level or another. We are all at risk!
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