Emotions- polorization and magnetism

Emotions- polorization and magnetism

At the core of the vast majority of health challenges, lies an emotional component that has not yet been addressed. 

It is our goal to help you own these emotions, so they no longer own you. 

Neuropeptides released from the hypothalamus carry the chemistry - the specific signature - of the experienced emotion, which seeks out receptor sites found in cells of organs and glands (for example, the emotions anger & frustration seek receptor sites at the liver; fear & lack of forgiveness affects the kidneys; resentment & indecision down regulates the gall bladder, etc.). The cells then resonate at the frequency of that emotion. If the emotional chemistry is negative (positive + charge), it causes suppression in the cells, and if positive (negative - charge), it invigorates the cells - always effecting organs, body systems and overall function.

Often people are unaware that they continue to re-establish the charge that an emotion sparks. Especially with trauma, since the emotional aspect of a traumatic situation has often not been allowed to be fully experienced - after all we are taught and well trained to repress our emotions, bury them and "don't cry". So what does the body do to find resolve?  It will continually re-introduce the emotions in oder to get them addressed, owned, accepted and therefore resolved. Plus there's another component that keeps us looping in that pattern - there is a tendency sometimes to become unconsciously addicted to the chemical  high that gets released when re-igniting the emotional charge, simply because it's your familiar and therefore comfortable pattern. Though not consciously aware, often it becomes habitual, as it is a chemical stimulant released from the brain, and is perpetuated even though it hurts. 

Question: How do you know when an emotion has been owned or released? 
Answer: When there is no more charge 

A human source for ELF magnetic perturbations. ABSTRACT FROM: Electromagnetic Biology & Medicine

What does that mean, how does that work?

We are infinitely energetic in nature, as our bodies are Electric-Light. The human body has 000.5 milla volts running through the energy meridians, which is the basic principle of ancient Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture. With trauma and stress – occurring on the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels – the energy signals to and from cells, organs and the brain can become repressed, blocked or interrupted. This causes resistance, stagnancy, congestion, and lack of energy to those systems, organs and glands, which is the origin of pain and disease. Our work together is to reestablish that energy flow, restore the electromagnetic energy system and open communication throughout the body, back to 'original intent' for optimal function. 

what is a meridian?
Our bodies are living electrical systems. Each body is an intricate battery made up of a matrix of billions of cells, all of which are essentially small living magnets. These cells form chains of intricate interconnected circuits carrying energy information - through the meridians. The body electric is the energy flow in the human body, which is also known as chi, prana, life force, subtle energy…This energy flow is a matrix of billions of cells that run on minute electrical currents that flows through the body transmitting information and running all it’s functions. Researchers have identified for years, that healthy cell tissue quantitatively gives off a distinct high-negative, micro-voltage charge (potential). When trauma, stress or malfunction occurs, the cell changes from it’s healthy, strong negative - charge to a weak - negative potential. Or in extreme cases, changes to a positively + charged state. (When this happens, the nervous system immediately transmits a signal to the brain, to flood the problem area with healing negative charges to correct the chaotically charged cellular disorientation). If the problem is chronic or long term, the entire cellular area can form a field of weak - negative charged state, or in extreme conditions + a positively charged state. In this unhealthy electrical climate, the cell’s membrane and nucleus too become incorrectly charged which prevents oxygen and essential micro-nutrients from entering the cell and disrupting metabolization in the cell. This long term condition can lead to cellular damage, which can change the DNA and create many problems.

Un-owned emotions remain locked up in the cells and in the energy field. They sit there in the energy field as positively charged molecules, like magnets. Like a magnet these molecular emotions pull in one experience, or opportunity after another, looking to become neutralized (acknowledged, owned, released). Yet because like charges or like poles in a magnet repel each other, when the like emotion is before us, we resist and repel it. For example: guilt will pull in opportunities of ‘being guilty and accusing others of being guilty.

In an Emotional Release session, positively charged ‘guilt molecules' (for example) polarize your focus on ‘guilt’ pulling it out of the cells and out of your energy field, and into your awareness to be transmuted and neutralized (transmuted in the Light and into truth and wisdom). With the negative charge of observation and introspection, coupled with the positively charged emotion, it becomes neutral.

Why do we stay in a positively charged state with our (negative) emotions? Just like a magnet has two poles, one negative and the other positive. In magnetic therapy, researchers claim that the negative pole generally has a calming effect and normalizes metabolic functioning. Negative charges create negative energy, which is the calming healing energy. In contrast, the positive pole has an energizing effect (excess is a stress effect), and with prolonged exposure interferes with metabolic functioning, producing acidity, reduces cellular oxygen supply and encourages replication of latent microorganisms, since pathogens love a positively charged environment.

Our so called "negative emotions" in reality have a positive magnetic charge, and float in a positively charged field. The initial reaction to a positive magnetic charge can make one feel good because it increases blood flow, circulation, intra and intercellular fluids. However, the excessive use of the positive field for any prolonged period of time is too energizing and therefore is exhausting, where major health problems can arise. This creates imbalance between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system. When the autonomic nervous system becomes over stimulated, metabolism is disrupted, it interferes with sleep, where lack of rest and recuperation keeps an individual in a restrictive healing state, which can be very detrimental over the long run. 

A positive charge is necessary and even life saving in certain stressful situations, accidents and traumatic experiences, because it energizes us and gets us moving into safety. But a prolonged positively charged state is detrimental. So, although it’s exciting and helpful initially (and though we're not consciously aware of it) mentally looping and staying stuck in a past trauma, in a fight or flight mode of operation, and subconsciously running the emotional stress record over and over, wears the body out. 

Emotional Release work helps to create balance in electrical vitality of the cells and creates harmony the natural DNA computer that arranges all the essential elements to properly organize and metabolize correctly. The negative field of observation and introspection restores atonement in the body's electromagnetic field so that self-healing ensues. 

This is the basic concept that runs through all our healing modalities here at Infinite Inergy LLC. I have written it here since it is most prevalent in understanding the Emotional Healing component - since in as much as 96% of health issues, a yet unresolved theme of emotions is waiting to be acknowledged, for deep healing to begin.

DRAMA turns into TRAUMA... when U D-tour, to the right ("I'm right") at the T in the road rather than bare to the left (bare the pain...let it go...left behind)
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