Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

"General fatigue and exhaustion with its consequences - mental and physical weakness: absent- minded - sleepy - weak nerves –emotional instability -   over pressured  - headache - nausea - imbalance (mental and physical) - weak muscles - a lack of red blood cells (anaemia) -  irritation of the mucosa of the respiratory tract -  deep red throat - recovery from acute disease - gives courage after great sorrow - neuralgia - feeling of fullness in head - phantom pains - recovery of illnesses due to bacteria, fungi, viruses, miasma, pathogens,- all kinds of pathogens - eczema - fungus in the lungs - neurasthenia – pressure on the solar plexus - fatigue from negativity in the spheres – restless sleep..."
Energy Medicine

Subtle energy: The key to new ways of healing. "Human bodies are complex systems f vibrations. Every disease is ulimately a distortion of these vibrations. That's why energy medicine is the key to a healthier future for people and society, And energy medicine requires a clear understanding of subtle energy and it's many puzzling features." -Dr. Yury Kronn - physicist and founder of Energy Tools International

Using a large test kit of the hundreds of formulas, Vital Force Energy Formulas are always considered in each comprehensive Overview assessment and nutritional/detox assessment.

Energy Medicine


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"Nearly 4,000 people since the Silver Bullet was introduced in late 2007 who were facing critical, life-threatening cancer are thus far living good, healthy lives! " 
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  • ““There are not enough words to say… how grateful I am to have my life back. ”

    Laura G, New Jersey

  • “My mom has Alzheimer’s… How do I put this into words without tears running down my face…Miracles exist…I have my mom back! ”

    Carole H. New Jersey

  • “Working with Nancy has changed my life in so many ways. Our work has brought me to a new frequency level, a level I truly enjoy living every single day in.”

    Amanda H., Bayville, NJ

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