On Forgiveness

Forgiveness is to heal you, not the other person. 
Forgiveness sets us free, from being controlled by the control we had given to the one 
who injured us. 
Forgiveness is not the condoning of a harmful behavior, nor excusing or overlooking  
the wrong.
Forgiveness is for giving to you a gift of freedom from the past. 
Forgiveness is not something you do, but something you undo. 
Forgiveness sets you free from the injury, the hurt, the hate and the resentment 
caused by words, actions, withholds, etc.
Forgiveness changes us from being a prisoner of our past, to peace with our present 
Forgiveness evaporates a resentment and lifts anxiety and depression. 
Forgiveness is not denying there was a wrong.
Forgiveness sets us free of our anger toward the one whose behavior caused us 
Forgiveness expels a clump of negative energy within us, and clears the way for 
something new and better to enter us. 
Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength and a heroic virtue.
Forgiveness is not swallowing your feelings, but rather bringing them out into the 
light so they can help you decide what work you need to do, to make your life better. 
Forgiveness is not surrendering - It is a conscious choice. 
Forgiveness is not buying someone a present and giving it in front of other's, so 
other's will think good of you.
Forgiveness is not pretending some past behavior or injustice holds no negative 
energy for you ... when is does. 
Forgiveness is not saying, "My Higher Power will take care of it and forgive me for 
not doing the work of forgiving." 
Forgiveness is not wearing a big smiley face while at the same time you are beaming 
all kinds of negative energy on whatever and whoever has done you wrong.
Forgiveness is not the hollow words, "I'm sorry." 
Forgiveness is not the hollow words, "I apologize." 
Forgiveness is internal recycling work.
Forgiveness is a healing that always follows a sincere forgiveness. 
Forgiveness comes from the work you do within to genuinely and sincerely let-go of 
the hurt and than recycling it through the heart and having it come out as genuine 
love . . . for you, for another or for both of you.

DRAMA turns into TRAUMA... 
when U D-tour, to the right ("I'm right") at the T in the road rather than bare to the left (bare the pain...let it go...left behind)
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