How remote healing works

How does remote healing work?

The reason why distant healing is so effective is because when people are relaxed and cozy in the comfort of their own home, they are free of distractions, free of concern with personal awareness and appearance, and therefore world can more easily disappear. This allows the ability to work from lower brain wave states, within the subconscious and superconscious mind. Being fully focused and undistracted offers more freedom to release what's holding them back. When we are able to let the world go away and intently focus inward, it is amazing what can transform from the higher levels of consciousness and trickle down, which always transmutes the physical. 
A practical explanation

Have you ever looked at your laptop computer, tablet or cell phone and wondered how this device is communicating so much data, and it's only connection is through energy waves? It's incredible, isn't it? And these are just machines. Just think how much more complex the human body-heart-mind-soul & spirit is, compared to  these simple machines. When you think of it in these terms, it's easier to grasp onto the idea of how connected we all are energetically. 

We are infinitely energetic in nature, as our bodies are Electric-Light. The human body has 000.5 milla volts running through the energy meridians, which is the basic principle of ancient Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture. Our bodies are living electrical systems. Each body is an intricate battery made up of a matrix of billions of cells, all of which are essentially small living magnets. These cells form chains of intricate interconnected circuits carrying energy information - through the meridians. The body electric is the energy flow in the human body, which is also known as chi, prana, life force, subtle energy…This energy flow is a matrix of billions of cells that run on minute electrical currents that flows through the body transmitting & receiving information and running all it’s functions. 

Just look at our DNA alone - it has two strands helically coiled around one another, which acts as an antenna that’s capable of transmitting and receiving information that's encoded on energy signals/waves via nonlocal space. At the highest level of consciousness we are all connected energetically. When we focus upon a person, we send frequency energy which is received by the DNA, which is relayed instantaneously via nonlocal space to the target DNA – YOU. Nonlocal space has been referred to as “dark” energy. (It's also known as chi, subtle energy) It is called "dark" because it lies outside the electromagnetic spectrum and so can’t be observed or measured. Nikola Tesla called it “the mind of God.” The first man to demonstrate its existence in real-world experiments using human blood cells and plants was Cleve Backster, a polygraph specialist with the CIA. you can see a 2 page interview of him here 
ABSTRACT: DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields. From: International Journal of Radiation Biology

An explanation from quantum physics

I don't want to veer off too much, but since this is a question that many have difficulty understanding, let's look at it from this perspective. I have been doing remote healing work for over 25 years, and it has clearly brought astonishing results. But for many years it alluded me as to how and why it worked so effectively, until I found what I consider the best explanation - through recent findings in quantum physics. In the quantum world, everything behaves as both waves and particles! So sub-atomic particles can behave like matter or move in wave patterns. The most mind blowing thing that has been found is that particles behave like waves when we aren’t looking, and like matter when we are! That's significant! The simple act of looking is what changes the behavior of particle matter - here in the physical world we live in. This means that that consciousness literally influences reality - and that we are holding our reality together with our consciousness.. The act of observing something can actually bring a potential reality to life. I'm sure you've have heard of the Law of Attraction; well quantum physics supports this concept. When you focus on a desired outcome, it is almost as if you “reel in” that already existing quantum super-position of reality that brings it to life! This means that we are the creators of our reality. Visualization has proven to work. Using your imagination (image - in - action) creates images in wave form our mind, and projects into particle matter into our life. We all do this all the time. And we can enhance this ability with awareness.
So what you think matters, literally - it turns into matter.

Then there's the time/space thing: It's been discovered that quantum particles have the ability to move back and forth through time. Very recently, scientists at the University of Queensland were able to simulate photons traveling through time. In one case, the photon was sent through a wormhole to interact with itself in a previous state. In another, a photon traveled through regular space-time to interact with a different photon. What this means? This means that our five senses are very limited, and don't allow us to see (or rather experience) all that's there. Classical physics and so much of science bases everything on proof, from experiments and in "observing" their results. But we interpret our observations based on our limited five senses - we are so much more than our five senses. Quantum physics is beginning to demonstrate that there is so much more outside of our current mainstream perception of reality, that there's so much more to us. This also means that time and space is not as we thought, they're not fixed and linear. This also opens the hypothetical doors to the possibility of time travel. If these sub-atomic particles are able to do this, and we are made of sub-atomic particles, what implication does this have? It implies that even your own past is not fixed. It means that when you go in as the observer, into your own past experiences and traumas, it can't help but be viewed differently. It means too, that the the simple act of introspectively observing it, changes everything! The key is getting a clear picture of what you need to observe, to bring awareness, to bring it to Light, to transmute it. This is where I come in as one who can help direct you to what it is that needs to be unveiled, dissolved, transmuted and therefore healed. But I'm I am not the healer - you, and your Creator are. I’m only the facilitator, assisting you in anchoring your spirit’s work in you. It is you, in co-creation with the Divine within you, that 'observes' and therefore manifests your reality.
How we work with higher levels of consciousness See EMOTIONS Polarization & Magnetism

How can kinesiology testing work from a distance?

The invaluable tool of kinesiology testing can be done in person of course, but it can also be done “long-distance”. This is called “surrogate” muscle testing or “proxy muscle testing”, where I use my own muscles (finger modalities) to do the testing, as your surrogate. Just as energy (like radio waves) can travel over distances, so can the energy of thought and spirit. This allows muscle testing to be done for people who may be thousands of miles away. It works because of what quantum physics calls Quantum Entanglement. At the superconscious level, (delta brain wave state) we have access to all, since at our origins, we are one. 
What is kinesiology and muscle testing?
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