Iodine deficiency


Iodine deficiency has become rampant since the introduction of chemicals and additives into our air and food supply.

Only now, are the tests surfacing to reveal how our health has been compromised.

If you believe you have a lack of iodine in your system, you will benefit from this information.

You may have been given a medical diagnosis for your health issue, when the underlying cause could be a deficiency in this basic element.
This site will help you decide if you have a challenge with the iodine levels in your body.
Iodine information

Links to important information on Iodine:

Dr. Jorge Flechas "Iodine Deficiency and Cancer"
and "Iodine, Whole Body Sufficiency"
or Dr. David Brownstein "Iodine The Misunderstood Nutrient"
or Dr. Richard Becker's interview with Dr. David Brownstein
or Dr. Sherry Tenpenny
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