Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

What is Kinesiology or Muscle Testing?

I have been practicing kinesiology since 1991, and as a result I've become highly proficient and fairly accurate. I have always had intuitive abilities (everyone does), yet when I incorporated kinesiology testing in my life many year ago, my intuitive abilities strengthened exponentially. 

Basically kinesiology is a comprehensive method of natural healing, wherein muscle testing is a primary feedback system used for diagnosis and to gather genuine information from the body that can determine a variety of imbalances of the body, mind, spirit and from the body’s many energy/communication systems. When applied, this method works as an efficient tool for evaluation, which enables me to determine the therapy that is most appropriate to rectify the imbalances. Bioenergetic Kinesiology employs a variety of methods to help alleviate stress, eliminate allergies, release physical toxicity, emotional traumas, overcome psychological blocks, spiritual karma and many other things.  

For a background into the theory of kinesiology - each of the muscles is associated with an acupuncture meridian, thus having energetic, nutritional, emotional, and physical components. Many of the physical reflexes which have an affect on the flow of the body fluids, like neurovascular and neurolymphatic reflexes also are said to have muscle, organ and emotional links, and are used in various corrective procedures. When there are imbalances in any of these systems, it can lead to the weakening of muscles. Which is the way testing determines what’s weak in the body- the arm goes weak when in the presence of something that weakens the body overall. Strength in a muscle indicates that the tangible item (such as food, supplements, magnets- for therapy, remedies etc) or non-tangible items (such as thoughts and concepts, questions, visualizations, light, healing etc.) strengthen or enhance the body, making the body stronger overall. Therefore, a kinesiologist has the ability of detecting and correcting a wide variety of imbalances in the body and re-establishing harmony, which helps in reversing the course of imbalances and dis-ease. The kinesiologist treats the client as a whole, instead of merely treating a symptom. This enables a variety of approaches and enables the client also be completely involved in his/her own healing process.  

How Does Distance Muscle Testing or Kinesiology Work For Phone Appointments?

The invaluable tool of kinesiology testing can be done in person of course, but it can also be done “long-distance”. This is called “surrogate” muscle testing or “proxy muscle testing”, where I use my own muscles (finger modalities) to do the testing, as your surrogate Just as energy (like radio waves) can travel over distances, so can the energy of thought and spirit. This allows muscle testing to be done for people who may be thousands of miles away. It works because of what quantum physics calls Quantum Entanglement. At the superconscious level, (delta brain wave state) we have access to all, since at our origins, we are one. But I can't get any information about you without your conscious or subconscious permission. This is clear as there are times when I get nothing on someone who has asked for help, yet other times I get a flood of information.Your will is never over-ridden, and is always honored.
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