The human body is made of a powerful system of infinite energy (aka: chi, qi, prana, vital force energy, subtle energy, quantum energy, source energy, the light of God). Blockages in the energy within our bodies lowers our vibration, and causes pain, discomfort and dis-ease. These blockages are caused by traumas, toxins, trapped emotions, spiritual interferences, mental imbalances, allergies, organ-gland-systems disorders, heavy metals, EMF radiation, musculoskeletal misalignments, pathogens, nutrition & lifestyle imbalances.

Through remote healing sessions (distance healing) from the comfort of your own home, along with nutrition & detoxification, and life transforming technologies, we remove the blockages that are interfering with your energy, and causing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disorders and dis-ease. As blockages are removed, and balance is brought, you access more of your infinite energy within, and align with your true nature, bringing balance, harmony and wellbeing. 
Offering three different Remote Consultations: 

Each Session brings into view and understanding that which is your highest priorities, and goes deep into addressing and harmonizing 
the subtle energies - physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual aspects that need balancing. 
 Blockages that are holding you back are brought into awareness and then cleared, and replaced with the truth and wisdom originally intended. By assessing and amending the causal disturbances, bringing support and restoration, profound healing can occur. 

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Your body can't effectively detox or fully heal from health issues, without addressing  emotional components that lie at the core or at the causal level. 
By introducing you to your 'specific-to-you’, subconscious emotions that are blocking you & by re-viewing specific points in your time-line - of a trauma or emotions/attitudes, you recognize the barriers holding you back, and YOU become your own healer, your own redeemer in this process.
RESOLUTION = Stress Relief, Trauma Release & Health Restoration. 

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Our Nutrition/Allergy/Detox Assessments take the guess work out, and give you a personalized assessment of your body's requirements for optimal wellness. You'll have access to the highest quality and most effective pharmaceutical grade nutrition, and a personalized support program designed to meet your specific needs. We believe everyone, aiming to live longer, healthier lives, should be privy to  the most advanced nutritional science. In collaboration, our nutrition team can help you to achieve this goal, by keeping it simple and effective.
How does remote healing work?
Helping people to gain back their health and enhance their lives.

The body is genius and intrinsically strives for balance, and vitality. The body/spirit/subconscious mind always knows what to do and what it needs. Pain and disorders are our alarm signals. The body is incredibly adaptive and generative, and is constantly communicating to us where it needs attention. 

But how do we communicate with this innate intelligence? 

This is the value of kinesiology testing, as a highly effective method of "reading" the body and finding answers. In working together we will uncover and resolve an array of obstacles that have been holding you back, and keeping you from your optimal health and from your true nature. As a Bio-energetic Kinesiologist, my role in your healing process is to be your detective, to be thoroughly attentive to asking, learning and understanding what your body needs to bring full restoration, and from there we implement that which will allow your body, mind and spirit to  heal. 
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