Understanding Body Levels

A Simple Analogy: on how we work with higher levels of consciousness

So often we focus only on the physical level for healing. Yet the source of most issues often originates 
at the higher levels of consciousness -  which includes our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Take a look at this analogy:

Imagine an ice cap at top of a mountain, as representing Source or God (your origins) 
and as representing your own Spiritual Body Level 

Now imagine the water flowing down along the top side of the mountain,
as representing your Mental Body Level 

And think of the lower level water that's streaming down, near the base of the mountain,
as representing your Emotional Body Level 

Finally, as the journeying water pours into a pool below, imagine this body of water or lake
as representing your Physical Body Level.

In order to truly purify a body of water or a human body, fully and effectively, we must address the origins, or cause of the pollution or problem. We can't be effective in cleaning up a lake by only working at the lake, if the source of contamination is coming from high in the mountain. Many health issues are resolved when we can trace them back to the causal level. The vast majority of health challenges have an emotional component, and are often amplified with physical, mental, and even spiritual factors. With any health issue, we must ask - what is the cause or the source of the issue? Following this natural order, and asking through muscle testing or kinesiology we can determine where the origins of an issue can be found, as well as identify what is needed for the true healing process to take place. This is a basic understanding of the approach that we take when working with our clients here at Infinite Inergy.

(These bodies of water are all one and interconnected - as each of our subtle bodies are. 
And each lower level rely on the higher levels, in order for that lower level to come into existence). 

Seven Levels of Consciousness
and Corresponding Energy Levels


  1. First Level: Subconsciousness                                Hertzian

2. Second Level: Social Consciousness                    Infrared

3. Third Level: Conscious Awareness               Visible Light

4: Fourth Level: Bridge Consciousness       Ultraviolet Blue 

  5. Fifth Level: Superconsciousness                               X-Ray

6. Sixth Level: Hyperconsciousness                 Gamma Ray

7. Seventh Level: Ultraconsciousness      Infinite Unknown
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