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Joanie S. Birmingham, Al

“Nancy brings you to specific moments, events and to specific people of your past, that need to be released from your conscience, from your cells, where they harbor and cause barriers, pain and negativity. In your session you address those attitudes and emotions that hold you back, and give you such relief when you finally do forgive and release them. It was a very satisfying, tearful, but powerful session.
“Later: “I have attained a continuing feeling of physical “fullness or peace”, comfort within myself, more joy and a great sense of relief.”

Christine K- Irvine Ca
“Prior to working with Nancy, I was experiencing great anxiety, vomiting and was sick all of the time. My doctors kept telling me that I was catching viruses (seven in two and a half months). Nancy helped me “see” myself as a child, when these anxieties began. For the first time I acknowledged them, forgave them and let them go.”
Later: “I have been healthy!!! I am so grateful for my health right now!”

Chris C. Crystal Springs, NJ
“I have always had a deep desire to be healed at depth, and I’ve now experienced this. Nancy guides me to and through my ‘buried’ issues. Once I look at them in a new light, the magic begins! The release happens! Oh, how liberating it is to have feelings like Dread and Grief released! Such lightness, such freedom!”
Later: “I feel so blessed, so balanced and harmonized. Thank you so much”

Sara C- Los Angeles, Ca
“Nancy’s kindness and compassion were clearly evident all along the way. Though I’d never met Nancy before, I felt as though I was being guided and protected by a close and dear friend. Though at times it was emotionally painful (which I didn’t actually expect), at the conclusion of the 2 hour session I felt enormous relief, a truly huge catharsis.
“Later: “I feel that I am forever changed. I am profoundly grateful for this extraordinary healing!”

Kathy F. Portola Valley, Ca “You feel the full force of the emotion Nancy is asking you to investigate and experience. Once you are fully in the emotion the healing takes place. Then the magic happens. You confront the emotion in that moment in time that took away a little piece of you and prevented you from living fully. Then she goes even further, into a past life that also needs to be healed. She asks you to go there, and you do. And it is easy. It just comes to you. I understand now that when you can go back and confront the original trauma, from the light of truth, than you can heal that insult. I found forgiveness and compassion and through this, I was healed.”

Anne V. Oreland, Pa
“I was in such depression and misery every day, experiencing headaches, body aches, big pains, and profound exhaustion; all hampering my ability to work or show up for anyone, especially myself. While we are each called to “heal thy self”, this exchange with Nancy, I found to be my work, with (not by) a true friend, empowering and allowing me to see how my blame, anger and need for help and compassion from others created such pain. I see now where all my power was going and what my ulterior motives were.”
Later: “I have since been experiencing much greater hope, more energy and confidence to pursue life, rather than giving all my power and energy away to others and to my past.”

Enid M. North Bergen, NJ
“My issue was taking on great responsibility for others and feeling hopelessness. We cleared emotions to two or three different points in my distant past and came to the key that was holding everything together like glue. When I finally saw the light within the darkness, then it all started to shift, and I started to shift. Since then I feel resolutely detached from others, and less judgmental of myself.”
Later: “I now experience my freedom, and now I am able to see the flicker of light in everything Mother/Father GOD has created.”

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