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Energy Medicine

We are infinitely energetic in nature, as our bodies are electric-Light, with 000.5 milla volts running through the energy meridians that animate our bodies. With trauma, and stressors – occurring on the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels – the energy signals to and from cells, organs, glands, and body systems can become blocked or interrupted. This causes resistance, stagnancy, congestion, and lack of energy, which is the origin of pain and disease. 

My work as a Bioenergetics Kinesiologist, is accomplished through remote healing sessions, nutrition & detoxification and with life transforming technologies - that restore your energy system and help you reach your highest potential, by freeing up your infinite energy within, where radiant health is your natural state.  

Remote Healing
Very 'specific-to-you'.consultations” are accomplished using kinesiology, intuition, years of knowledge, experience, and technology -  supporting your deep healing 
PEMF Therapy
Induces an electrical current in our bodies consistent with the Earth’s frequencies, to help restore restricted ion flow & stimulate the body’s regeneration process.  
Detox Foot Spa
This easy, non-invasive method of purging the body of toxins is essential in today's world to regain and maintain good health.
Nutritional/Detox Support
Take the guess work out. Receive your individualized protocol designed to target exactly what you require for optimal health


  • ““I have always had a deep desire to be healed at depth, and I’ve now experienced this”

    Chris C., Crystal Springs, New Jersey

  • “Nancy’s techniques deal with healing the body, mind and & spirit and through her talents she has been able to clear and heal things that even emergency rooms doctors could not. ”

    Denise R., Los Angeles, CA

  • “It would take a psychologist years to accomplish what Nancy can in one session, and instead of chasing symptoms, she addresses the causes of my health issues.”

    Marybeth K., Fruita, Co


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