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This report focused on five metals humans are commonly exposed to: aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. The current study examined levels of each heavy metal in the whole blood of the people participating in the study. Heavy metal levels were measured before and after the 12 week program to observe any changes in blood levels of those heavy metals.

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Cilantro tincture and Ionic Foot Bath used for Lyme and Autism
3 steps to Detoxification
Dr. Klinghardt's Detox Dr. Klinghardt's Lyme Protocol

Please do your research. Only use Detox Foot Spa technology that is proven to be safe and effective.


  • “This is the first time in the last three years that I HAVE FELT ANY SENSATION IN MY TOES. I can also raise my hand above my head which I have not been able to do.” (He then bought 5 for his family members

    George (Salesman)

  • “THE PAIN IN MY JOINTS is releived and I can work longer in my garden. My husband finds that the pain in his knees is relieved. He likes to have a session every three days”

    Carol (Retired Teacher)

  • “When I investigated the different detoxification footbaths, I selected this one because it is the most advanced available, and most trusted ”

    Kelly Anne (Nurse)

Why Detox?

Our body's natural cycle is disturbed by the trauma, and the onslaught of toxins has become a huge problem in our lives.Because of the toxic effects of modern day life, it has become necessary to continually make efforts to keep ahead of the toxic load. Current science shows that we are accumulating toxins faster than we can eliminate them. This is wreaking havoc on our health. Now the level of toxicity in your environment is on a scale never before seen and it is important to be able to detoxify the body on a regular basis. 

The Infinite Inergy Detox Foot Spa is an easy, gentle, safe, pleasant, and medically-proven way to detoxify any body, young and old.

The Problem

Under normal circumstances the body is designed to detox efficiently and effectively, but we are no longer under normal circumstances. We are bombarded by toxins today. And the body can’t keep up in it’s constant efforts to eliminate the toxic buildup in fatty tissue, joints, muscles, circulatory system, nervous system, and in the brain. These toxins clog cell walls and prevent nutrition from entering, and they build up inside the cells, which diminishes vitality, weakens the immune system, clogs the lymph system, and causes pain and inflammation and worse.  

In 1999, a noted author and activist, had his blood tested for 150 different chemicals commonly used. His blood had 84 synthetic compounds, including 13 different Dioxins, 31 different PCB, DDT, lead, organochlorine pesticides, chlorine, and malathion, etc.

One major study done by the Neurological Health Foundation, found 287 toxic chemicals in newborn umbilical cord blood, including carcinogens, neurotoxins, and developmental toxins... See Article   

But there’s a solution to every problem, right? Yes!

The Detox Spa is effective in helping the body to flush these toxins out, taking the burden off the kidneys, liver and bowel, reducing the pH balance, decongesting the lymph system and helping to cleanse the blood. It is an easy and effective way bring restoration back, to stay well and to continue to live the life you are meant to enjoy.

Healthy cells in the body have an electrical charge which aids the absorption of nutrients and the expelling of toxins. Unhealthy cells have weaker charges which cause build up of cell toxins. So the magnetic field created by the array acts on these electrical charges.
As a result the body's natural energy fields are encouraged to find balance.

The human body uses electrical impulses from the brain to function. All cells in our body produce bio-energy. When this energy level is high, the cells function properly (ie nutritional absorption happens, toxins are discharged). When we become ill or are overly stressed our cells are affected and bio-energy levels are dramatically reduced. Therefore the cells can not function at its maximum power and can't eliminate toxins efficiently. Infinite Inergy Detox Spa treatments can help ignite that natural healthy cycle.

There are numerous ways to detoxify your mind, body and soul. Infinite Inergy Detox Spa is a wonderful alternative method.

How does it work?

The Infinite Inergy Detox Foot Spa helps the body detox through the healing power of ions. This electrical stimulation allows gentle micro-current to go through the the body and stimulates the cells to release toxins. The powerful ion charge, cleanses the body more effectively than any other method of detox. The system helps rebalance the bodies’ energetic fields and stimulates the body to release toxins via the 2000 pores in each foot. The process is safe, relaxing, and non-invasive, and has absolutely no harmful side effects.

Most clients never feel this electrical stimulation going through the body. others can feel it as a tingling, twitching or tickling in areas of trauma, across the tops or bottoms of the feet, along the shoulders, neck and arms, and sometimes on the tongue. These feelings are not uncomfortable or unpleasant.

The Infinite Inergy detox Foot Spa does not detox your body, it simply up-regulates your body's own detoxification faculties. Since your feet are in the salted electrolyzed water, it converges with the water in your body, your lymph, circulatory and your electrical system. Water is H2O - two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The array that sits in the water, splits the H2O into H+ and OH- ions. Pathogens, heavy metals, and havoc wreaking free radicals have a positive charge. Positive and negative always seek each other. Now that the array has separated the oxygen and hydrogen in the water (split the H2O), it creates a magnetic field. This electromagnetic transfer binds the positively charged particles to the negative ions – where they become neutralized. The particles, fat and mucous – metabolic waste is what is released in a 30 minute session. 

What do I need to do?

This is a powerful detoxification, but gentle and easy, and it requires only 30 minutes of relaxation with your feet soaking in warm ion-ically charged water. The water will become dark and murky, as metabolic waste accumulates. Most people feel better after each session.  

Drink an abundance of water
during and after a session to keep hydrated and help mobilize the toxins and keep your system fluid. Always add salt to your foods - Himalayan or sea salt (NOT TABLE SALT because this has anti-caking agents that make it pourable - which make this salt not soluable in your blood and lymph, causing major problems). 

Before a Detox Foot Spa treatment, we highly suggest taking Chlorella and Cilantro - be sure it's a brand free of toxins. Chlorella works by absorbing positively charged pathogens and toxins to be easily released through the bowels, making it easier on liver and kidneys. Because of it's magnet-like effect on toxins, if it is grown in a toxic environment, that chlorella will be contaminated with toxins. We've tested many brands, and have recommendations for the most pure. Studies by Dr. Klinghardt have proven that chlorella works with Detox Foot Spas, to increase the body's elimination faculties by as much as 30% and lessons cleansing responses or herxheimer reactions. Chlorella binds with toxins like a sponge and makes the whole detoxification process so much easier on you. It is important to always drink sufficient amounts of water daily. PURE Water is the number one important component to cleansing the body.

How often should I detox?

We suggest every 3 days initially, since depending on your toxic load. Though not common, you could have cleansing responses or "herxheimer" reactions - this is simply the body's natural response to the letting go of toxins. Some cleansing responses may include being more tired, achy, and cranky. This is temporary and means your body is working well to get rid of the congestion. Only you can determine and decide how fast you want to cleanse and how much you can tolerate. There is no harm in doing the detox foot spa treatments more frequently, there are no harmful effects, only symptoms of cleansing. 

For sever conditions, use at least every 3 days, daily or every other day is fine too. And normally we recommend to use the system once a week in the first six weeks or twice a week in the first three weeks. A program of at least one session per month or every two months is good for maintenance once you've cleared the initial burden. Only you can determine the appropriate frequency. 

Why the change color in the water during a session?

Eccrine Sweat: Sweat Eccrine is mainly composed of water with various salts and organic compounds in the solution. It is a plasma filter, a hypotonic solution colorless including sodium, chloride, potassium, urea, bicarbonate, ammonia, uric acid, phosphorus, fatty acids, and other metabolic wastes. The tiny ducts of these glands pass through the dermis and epidermis and empty directly to the surface of the skin, or foot spa

The color varies from person to person. There are many elements that contribute to the color of the water. What is important is how you feel? The individual analysis of water after the process is the only way to determine what is present in the water, the water would have to be analyzed before treatment to determine which chemicals already in the water. But this is not an effective determination of what's happening. The best way to determine your progress is to get lab tests done before, and after many treatments - to see decrease and elimination of heavy metals and toxins

Only toxins are removed from the sweat glands in your feet. Vitamins, minerals and medicines are not excreted.

What should I feel?

You should feel a difference within the first session. Each person's experience, that we know of,  has been nothing but good. Much depends on the level of toxicity. After five or six sessions, most customers tell us "subtle" changes in the way they feel including; "general vigor increased", "improved ease of movement and less inflammation", "sharp cognition", "more positive mood, reduced joint pain", "I just woke up brighter", etc. Some customers tell us these experiences after their first session. Several people feel tired (this is common initially since it's a cleansing sraction as a result of the immune and lymphatic system taking the extra load of toxins that were stored. Other customers feel rejuvenated energy levels, while others feel nothing. Often people have noticed that they have better sleep at night. Occasionally customers have indicated that they have a taste of metal in mouth. Long-term customers have indicated they felt an increase in metabolism with corresponding reductions in weight and cellulite.

Detoxification is fundamental to any health restoring program

Detoxification is fundamental to any health restoring program. No alternative health care practitioner should be without this treatment, since it is a highly effective and an important addition to any health practice. It is an ideal supplementary service for massage therapists, yoga instructors, reflexologists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, reike practitioners, acupuncturists, estheticians, health spas, and more. 

In many cases, offering the service of Detox Foot Spa treatments creates a thriving business all on it's own, as it is a service that is in high demand. It has a low start up cost and pays for it's self within a very short amount of time, whereas after that, it just continually brings in income. We help our practitioners and Detox Foot Spa professionals by offering marketing materials (posters and flyers) to those who purchase the Infinite Inergy Detox Foot Spa, to help them inform their patients and clients about the service and benefits.  

Create your healing sanctuary at home

No home should be without it. And the whole family can use it. When Detox Foot Spa treatments are proven to be a solution to getting well and staying healthy, why go to a practitioner and pay $60 a treatment when you can easily do it at home? The similar amount you'd pay for one person going to a professional for treatments for two months, could be what you'd pay for your Foot Spa, and you'd have it to use for many years. 

Heavy metals and toxin exposure is not going to go away any time soon. Your Detox Foot Spa will do a beautiful job of cleansing years of accumulation, but you have to keep up with exposure tomorrow, and the day after that...  By continually keeping your cells free of chemicals, toxins and heavy metals, your cells can function properly, your body can continually heal itself. 

Infinite Inergy Detox Foot Spa treatments are a solution that's proven through blood, urine, and post-water analysis. 
It is an easy and gentle way to eliminate heavy metal toxins for many years, for the whole family. 

Can anyone use the system?

  • People with epilepsy

Is there proof this cures

The foot bath will not cure anything! The Infinite Inergy detox Foot Spa does not detox your body, it simply up-regulates your body's own detoxification faculties. The system can help the body to balance its bio-energetic fields, which stimulates detoxification. When electromagnetic fields are balanced, the body's organs will naturally function more efficiently. Each individual's body is unique and reactions vary, as each of us react differently to medicines, surgery, and alternative therapies. The foot spa is not a medical device and the FDA has not reviewed or approved any statements made on this.

Why use pH strips?

The PH is the measure of the alkalinity or acidity of a solution. The uniform definition of a neutral solution is 7.0 on a scale. The ideal pH of the body is between 7.0 and 7.5, which is not too alkaline or too acidic - this is neutral. Scientists have discovered that the body fluids of healthy people are alkaline while the body fluids of patients are acidic. The pH strips determine where your pH is in the beginning of a session and where you are at the end of it. In most people, the pH before your session is more acidic than the pH at the end of the session.

An unbalanced pH can lead to the progression of most, if not all, degenerative diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Cancer can thrive only in an acidic environment

It is the release of these acids that we believe causes the improved pH reading of our clents. In a controlled study of 600 clients, 80% had a positive shift in the pH from slightly to slightly less acidic and more alkaline; and for some to a pH neutral reading. (The pH was tested just prior to the session and again right after the session was finished.)

We sell Infinite Inergy Detox Foot Spa at the wholesale price

The Infinite Inergy Detox Foot Spa is the highest quality available, offering an unmatched price/performance ratio. At Infinite Inergy, 
we sell our Detox Foot Spa at a wholesale price to practitioners, and extend this pricing to our individual clients as well.

Simply contact us for wholesale pricing - email us at or use the contact form below. Thank you
Infinite Inergy Detox Foot Spa is
Made in the USA
Infinite Inergy Detox Foot Spa is 24 voltage and the current is a constant of 2.2 Amps.
All features are controlled by a microprocessor.

  • A convenient compact, light weight detox IoNFINITY console
  • 1 foot spa tub
  • 1 medical grade power supply
  • 1 array (placed in water)
  • 20 liners
  • 1 operating manual.
5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Against Defects

A personal note from Nancy:

I have been using Detox Foot Spas for over 10 years now, because for me, it acts like a second kidney, and this has been one of the biggest blessings that’s ever come my way. Over the past four years especially, through my battle with Lyme disease, this detox foot spa has been my life saver. Pain and inflammation was dramatically reduced every time I used it, and I always feel so much lighter and clearer - physically and mentally. You can only imagine the difficulties I would have had without this gentle detox method, with the potential on my kidney from the extra large burden that the Lyme disease brought on. When I was young I had an accident that blocked up both ureters, and I lost one kidney that was surgically removed and then I had another surgery to remove the blockage in the other ureter. So this one kidney of mine is always working overtime to keep up with the big job of filtering the continual toxic load. I would never ever want to be without my Detox Foot Spa. I even take it with me when I travel, since you don't need to bring the foot tub along. You can put the array right into a bath tub for a full body detox, or into a sink or small tub for the hands or feet.   

Early on I used the IonCleanse brand and found it to be very effective too, but it was complicated and expensive. I did lots of research and tried other manufacturers before choosing this one - a great decision. The owner/manufacturer has integrity and guarantees their products, it's safe, fully automated and each session is effective, even 10 years later. I found this treatment to be such an effective healing tool, that I made it a priority to get the word out by selling these to chiropractors, naturopaths and health professionals since it is such an important component to any health practice. It was 10 years ago that I bought my first Infinite Inergy Detox Foot Spa, and I’m still using that same original unit every week, and it still performs safely, easily and effectively every single session. Not only do I use this myself, but this is the same unit that I use on my clients. Every client that I see in person always receives this service as it is essential to remove not only the physical toxins, but also the residual chemistry produced in the process of releasing emotional toxins after doing energy work. 

Why is it so effective to detox through the feet?
  1. The feet have more than 7,200 nerve endings and 2,000 eccrine sweat glands. There are more sweat glands per inch in our feet than anywhere else in the body. This is the lymph channels through which the ions travel to clean the lymph system. detoxifies the body using the feet as a gateway

    When detoxing, the circulatory system dumps into the lymph system. A congested lymph system means pain and inflammation. The negative charged ions from the Detox Foot Spa are pulled in through this Lymphatic pathway and circulate throughout the system. Toxins and free radicals have a positive charge and attract to the negatively charged ions and the body can then dump the debris.  

  2. Electronic Stimulation: Exclusive and technologically advanced electronics Array awaken detoxification. Customers have noticed an increase in metabolism and a corresponding increase in the elimination of toxins by normal and natural process of elimination. Toxins that have been released from their storage areas can now be filtered by the lymph and immune systems.

  3. Also the Feet use Energy Meridians: Spleen, Kidney, Liver, Gall Bladder, Urinary Bladder & Stomach Meridians

    So, what is a meridian?  A meridian is an ‘energy channel’ or an energetic pathway that runs throughout the human body. Think of it as an intricate web of interconnecting energy channels. Qi (chee) energy, or vital force energy flows through this meridian system, and each meridian has many acupuncture points along its path.

    The ancient practice of Acupuncture is all about unblocking the energy channels and getting the energy moving throughout the meridians in effort to create more balance and greater function and wellness. Chinese Medicine describes meridians as the energy distribution system, of Qi (energy), blood and body fluids throughout the body.

    A good way to think of the meridians is to compare it to our circulatory system, in that they both distribute substances throughout the body. Only the meridian channels are incredibly tiny in comparison to blood vessels. There are twelve main meridians which correspond with the organs of the body. These are organs though are energetically processing and aren't the same as the physical, anatomical organs of the body.

    The meridian system of the human body is a delicate and intricate web of interconnecting energy channels that need to be moving all the time. When they are not, and when there is stagnancy or blockages, pain and illness and dis-ease can set in. It is important to have ways to keep your energy flowing, since this is truly imperative to staying healthy.  
Meridians - what are they

Chart - the foot is a map that correlates to every aspect of the body

Using the foot as a conduit to improve overall health by unclogging the essential energy pathways is not new. The Chinese use of these methods is ancient. In Egypt, the archaeologist Ed Case discovered the portraits predating 2000 BC that documented foot treatments.

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