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Nancy has a profound and unique way of empowering you and assisting your healing path with her extensive knowledge, love, intuition and commitment to you on every level possible - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually no matter what the diagnosis/symptoms/duration she can help. She is a life changer in the most positive of ways. Thank you Nancy.
Susan M. Artist/paintings

Nancy is such an amazing gift! I started working with her because I was recently diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer Stage IIa. It would take a psychologist years to accomplish what Nancy can in one session, and instead of chasing symptoms, she addresses the causes of my health issues. For one example, she uncovered a trauma when I was three years old and we released the emotions that have been stuck there for over 47 years. I could feel the lightness and peace and a shift in my body and energy immediately. I have seen dramatic changes and shifts in such a short period of time with her. After every session I feel so much better, stronger, lighter, balanced, positive and full of so much hope!!! I am so so very grateful to have her on my team helping me to heal every aspect of my life right now. If you are looking for healing support, Nancy is the first person you’d want on your team. 
Marybeth K. Picture Researcher

Where do I begin? Nancy is definitely one of God's angels. I'm so thankful she answered the call God had for her life's work. Not only is she a master at detecting any weaknesses in the mind, body and spirit, she will find the perfect treatment plan, the soul changing affirmations specific to your being, and the most comprehensive exam you'll ever experience, she's going to follow you and encourage you all the way. Expect deep conversations from specific times in your life and lots of support through your journey to health, prosperity, peace and love. Nancy is love. Nancy is peace. Her name is healer. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for this awesome human being.
Sara M. NYC - Business Exec.

From my very first meeting with Nancy I was made to feel that I mattered and that my pain I was experiencing was real. Nancy inspired the utmost confidence by her smile to her wealth of knowledge, skill and professionalism. I cannot thank her enough on how she treated me and recommended a course of therapy that has changed my life forever. There are not enough words to say… how grateful I am to have my life back.   
Laura G. Columbia, NJ - Founder of Pink Chandelier Event Planning 

Nancy is warm, friendly, funny, caring, but most important knowledgeable. I can honestly tell you that I do not know where I would be if my path had not crossed with Nancy’s. She has helped me in so many ways and on so many levels- emotional, spiritual and nutritional. I highly recommend Nancy and wish you the best life has to offer.
Chris V., Radnor, PA –Mother of two

At first I was a bit skeptical, afraid to try something different. But just from the first conversation we had, her kind and loving words put me at ease and radiated with my own truth. I felt that she was genuine, compassionate and truly concerned with my well being, and could address my issues as a whole.Over the past year she has helped me to believe in myself and has given me tremendous support, encouragement and hope in my life. She's an amazing teacher and guide in my life and for my children and it gives me comfort to know I have someone to turn to who understands my truth, my way of seeing things. I feel so blessed and grateful for Nancy's presence in my life! It's as if I was sent an angel to look over me. 
Agnes T. Tampa, Florida - Mom of 4, & Caregiver

Nancy provided the opportunity for me to heal myself when all western medicine was not working, and only made me sicker. I am so grateful for the positive outcome for being able to enjoy my life without being sick, as Nancy’s healing and guidance provided
Michelle G.T., Fairfax, VA - Archetect/Designer

Working with Nancy Cerniglia has changed my life in so many ways. Nancy has the talent to bring your emotions, energy blockages, and quite honestly stress issues to the surface. She helped me understand the correlation and connection between the spiritual and physical levels of my own body. We work together on how I can clear past & present emotions and move forward. We have worked on weight loss, back pain, and numerous other issues. Our work has since brought me to a new frequency level, a level I truly enjoy living every single day in. As a successful business owner I have spent many years holding onto energy and stress (spinning really). Nancy has taught me how to deal with my life, not only physically, but mentally. I am a changed woman, still strong and independent, yet now more peaceful and completely aware of who I am and what I am supposed to accomplish in this lifetime.
Amanda H., Bayville, NJ – Owner of Abaco Construction Company

“Nancy was like a gift to me from the universe! Living with fibromyalgia and its chronic ailments, I sought out Nancy for additional holistic wellness remedies. Her PRESENCE was so very intentional towards me and my sessions with her provided me such a great degree of relief!”
Christine C. New Jersey -Owner of Wellness Company

Nancy has such an effect on people. She can heal many long term chronic illnesses, without surgical intervention, she’s powerful. Nancy has expanded her knowledge of healing to be able to carry it out even by telephone, and she’s right. At first I didn’t think it was possible that she could sense what was going on in my body, but I’ve had a chance to have it tested with an EAV machine, and she’s right! She leaves people better off than when she found them. I love her!
Nancy C., Knoxville, TN -Feng Shui Consultant

While the work brought up for me up a lot of emotions that were not comfortable to deal with, the end result was a joyous release of baggage that no longer served me. This work helped me to see that my issues were not bad, but merely needing attention and resolution. For me, this work is empowering – it allows me to see that not only am I powerful enough to create but also powerful enough to change the creation to a new dream. Additionally, Nancy’s recommendations for supplements for me have been a tremendous aid in keeping my body functioning at its best.
Grace K., Honolulu, HI

Since working with Nancy I have had remarkable improvement in my health.
 I have been able to cut back on medications that I have been taking for a life long illness and I have been told by my doctors to “keep doing whatever it is, because it’s working”. I find Nancy to be wonderfully intuitive as well as scientifically knowledgable. I am for the first time in my life hopeful about my health and the future. Perhaps the one factor that makes Nancy so special is that she is able to design a whole nutritional program that meets your specific needs and gets to the root of the problems of your own physical chemistry. I highly recommend that people stop taking random nutritional supplements and use this unique and personal approach to nutrition, diet and good health.
A.K., Randolph, NJ -Teacher

Nancy’s techniques deal with healing the body, mind and & spirit and through her talents she has been able to clear and heal things that even emergency rooms doctors could not. I was recently rushed to the hospital… and I once again turned to Nancy to uncover what was really going on. After a two-hour session, I felt like a new and improved version of myself. I don’t fully understand the depth of what Nancy does, but I DO understand the amazing healing results, they have been life changing.
Denise R., Los Angeles, CA -Manager of The Hard Rock Café’s

“Nancy is an amazing guide. She is an incredible and powerful healer. She has a innate ability to pull from her resources that which is in the highest good of my healing. I have known her as the amazing healer, teacher and friend. Her abilities are many fold and her intuition and Kinesiology skills are off the charts. Her mastership is the emotional body as she continues to create modalities that are powerful in helping us release the emotions that cause the ailments of the soul and the body. I am blessed to have her in my life.”
Enid M. Owner, The Heart Helix Health and Wellness

“Nancy is a highly knowledgeable wellness professional, with expertise in many areas including: nutrition, toxicity, environmental health and more. She is effective in providing her clients with a comprehensive program. She is innovative and creative, and dedicated to her work. She is passionate about people having access to services and products they need. Easy to work with.”
Donna P. Business Success Coach

Nancy has been my guardian angel sent to be with me here on earth. I can say with conviction that her wisdom and intuition have made a difference in my life on every level and I feel that the energy work she does has made a change every time. We cover topics that include stress, fatigue, physical ailments, career decisions, and most often my relationship. I recommend Nancy constantly to individuals with health issues, physical pain, weight-loss issues, marital trouble, self-esteem issues, constant fatigue, high stress jobs, life-decision confusion, and those dealing with the death of a loved one, to name just a few. To each of them I say…You have never experienced someone like Nancy, do not compare her to a therapist, a doctor, a coach, an acupuncturist, none will suffice. The combination of her many attributes blend together to put Nancy in a class of her own in regards to touching people’s lives, and constantly making a difference on many levels.
Cheryl L.H., Philadelphia, PA –Life Coach/Fitness Coach

“Nancy’s work in bio-energetics kinesiology is an incredible modality in the field of wellness and sets her apart in the field of Natural Health. Nancy is a pioneer in her profession and one that I highly recommend.”
Cheryl C, MS, CNC, APP Owner, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyles

Not only is Nancy one of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met, she is also one of the most down to earth and fun! Nancy’s purpose for this lifetime is most definitely as a teacher. She is alsoagifted healer, but I think her role as teacher is her primary role. I believe that Nancy is one of the great spiritual teachers of our lifetime. She has been one of the true rays of light in my life and it is an honor and a pleasure to know her.
Peggy H., Philadelphia, PA -Natural Health Practitioner

Nancy is an intuitive deep listener with conviction and integrity. She can see for others what they need to see and is able to help them do something about it. She is keenly aware, sharp, willing, deeply principled, sensitive, cuts to the chase and fierce about what she believes. I have experienced her working on energetic and spiritual levels with certitude and deftness. Because of her focus and perception, she usually sees past the obstacles to the end goal, so obstacles become just bumps in the road. The world is blessed for her living because she so easily functions in the greater context and brings into view what many never see, but so badly need to see in order to function more fully. Without Nancy, so many people would be more ill, more depressed, less educated and less aware.
John R., West Virginia -Owner/Distributor of a Nutrition Line

The extraordinary talents of Nancy Cerniglia are difficult to describe, but hard to do without,
once you have experienced them and understand their benefits. I consider myself very fortunate to have utilized Nancy’s work in both my personal health quests, as well as help for my clients.
Megan J., Montgomeryville, PA –Nutritionist

Nancy lives her truth and, by example, she gives others permission to live their truth. When one is struggling to find their truth, her hand is perpetually extended in love and knowledge to get them there with their own power. She is an extraordinary leader, teacher and healer, for she empowers others masterfully, awakening them to their truest and best self, physically, spiritually and emotionally. With Nancy in my life, there is hope, joy laughter and love, and I am stronger for knowing her. She just keeps getting better and better, and so does the world. Thank you Nancy, and thank you God for Nancy.
Anne V., Philadelphia, PA -Health Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor Candidate

Nancy can be trusted to provide honest and expert advice.
She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of proper diet and nutrition and flexible in her approach. I’ve enjoyed being a client.”
Patrick C. New Jersey -Corporate Manager

Nancy is one of the most responsive and insightful consultants
I have know in my 18 years in the Wellness Industry . Her integrity level as well as her heart are truly assets to all who have the opportunity to work with her. Nancy is professional and enthusiastic about her work and takes pride and care in what she is doing. This amazing Lady is a true Pearl in the Sea of Life”LeeAnn W. J., Florida/Texas -President/CEO , Empowered People Int’L

“Nancy is a wonderful, connected and heartful woman who uses her intuitive skills
to work with energy for whatever purpose is called for in the moment. She comes highly recommended!”
Suzanne M. New Jersey -Realtor

“I find that Nancy has a very unique style and her work is very dynamic.
She is able to bring nutrition and energy together and is very, very knowledgeable. I have had a wonderful experiences working with Nancy and highly recommend her to others!”
Theresa Y., New Jersey -Financial Advisor

“Nancy is caring, talented and professional with a great deal of knowledge. Nancy uses her intuition as well as her vast skills to hone in on what the client’s needs are. I found the accuracy of her work and her compassion wonderful. She is a beautiful person who treats the whole person, mind body spirit.
Arlene R. New Jersey -Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Medium

“I have found Nancy to be an excellent service provider. She takes the time to listen and uncover all needs and then takes a methodical approach the address those needs. I would highly recommend Nancy’s services to friends and colleagues.”
Gary H. New Jersey -Corporate Packaging Manager

“Nancy gave me life back. I was so “allergic” to everything inside myself as well as outside, that I went into shock from the “western” allergy testing because I was so intolerant. Then I met Nancy in 1997 (and continue to work with her today). She did muscle testing on me to define my sensitivities. Not only did it mostly match the Western medicine test completed five years before (without Nancy seeing the old test), it went beyond it telling me exactly how much I could eat before I became intolerant. So first she designed a cleansing diet for me to follow for six months, along with specific vitamins and nutrients. Then she completed some brackets desensitizing me to certain aspects. After the diet and continual cleansing of the body, soul, and mind, I could eat anything without a reaction and still can 10 years later. Amazing. My husband would not have believed it if he had not lived though it with me. You can become healthy without drugs and surgery and with patience, dedication, and a knowledgeable Natural Health Practitioner like Nancy Cerniglia to guide you along your path to total health with care and love.”
Michelle G. T Virginia -Owner Design Co.

With a feeling of helplessness in watching my mom suffer, I reached out to Nancy and asked if she would try to help my mom through the early onset of Alzheimer's disease. I just wanted my mom back, even if it was a little piece of the person she was. How do I put this into words without tears running down my face. We started a regime about two months ago. I am so excited to tell you - my mom recognizes who we are, can make herself a sandwich, she’s back to doing laundry, is taking walks around the block – alone!!! As she says "I need my space"! Can you imagine? We can have conversations, not major ones but ones that make sense. So if there are people out there who were not sure if miracles exist or not I can attest they most certainly do!!! I would recommend Nancy to anyone who needs guidance in understanding that healing can come from within. Nancy I wish for you a life filled with the joy and love you have given to others! 
Carole H. Somerset NJ

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