Detox Foot Pads

                         DETOX FOOT PADS 
Detox while you sleep- for internal purification easily, effortlessly and effectively. 
Release toxins, Reduce pain & swelling, Restore circulation. Relieve environmental sensitivities. 

Infinite Inergy Detox Pads have a high content of tourmaline for effective Detoxification. Tourmaline is a mineral that emits far infrared heat, negative ions and is known for its ability to exert a cleansing and liberating energy upon the entire body (beware of any foot pad products that do not contain tourmaline - not effective). Internal cleansing is essential to your health in today’s toxic environment.
We sell Infinite Detox Foot Pads at wholesale price:

30 Pads - $20
60 Pads - $40
Case - 120 Pads - $75


Infinite Inergy Detox Pads are of the highest quality, from Japan and have a high content of tourmaline for effective detoxification. Tourmaline is a naturally occurring mineral widely used as a semi-precious gemstone. It is effective in Detox Foot Pads because tourmaline has a high natural output of Negative Ions, Alpha Waves and Far Infrared Rays (FIR) Scientists have long been intrigued by the unique electrical and magnetic properties of tourmaline. In 1986 research in Japan confirmed that tourmaline carries a faint but constant electric charge of 0.06mA, which is why tourmaline continues to be known as "the electric stone," especially in Asia. Japanese researchers also found that no matter how small tourmaline is ground or crushed, it is still capable of conveying an electric current, a positive and a negative electrode existed on both ends of the crystal, and the electrodes never disappeared unless tourmaline was boiled near 1000°C. This electrical charge enables Tourmaline to produce far infrared photon energy, negative ions, and alpha waves, which exerts a cleansing and liberating energy effect on the entire body when placed on the feet.

There have been studies debunking Detox Foot Pads, but when you discover what products were used in the studies, they do not contain tourmaline. It is the ingredient tourmaline, that activates a cleansing response throughout the body and calming effect on the nervous system. When the Foot Pad is placed on the feet, the body pulls in the negative ions, through the eccrine glands (sweat glands) and meridian energy channels at the bottom of the feet. Negative and positive ionic charges always seek each other. The effect is calming and balancing to the autonomic nervous system, alpha waves increase in the brain and stress is reduced. Since free radicals, pathogens and toxins have a positive charge, when negative ions circulate through the body, they bond with positive charged toxins for the body to more easily discharged through the natural eliminatory pathways.  


Infinite Inergy Detox Foot Pads, also known as foot patches, are made from totally natural ingredients – proprietary blend of powderized, double-distilled wood vinegar (pyroligneous acid), crystalized tourmaline and organic germanium. The method of therapy is based on the culmination of centuries of knowledge in Eastern medicine that gravity pulls toxins downwards in the body during the day. So at night is the most ideal time to assist the elimination process by placing the Detox Foot Pads on the feet.


The concept is much like the osmosis pressure in a plant. Tree roots transport water from the ground through the roots and into branches, utilizing it’s semi-permeable membrane. The feet have more than 7,200 nerve endings and 2,000 eccrine sweat glands, as well as meridian end points that channel vital force energy throughout the body. The stimulation of heat from the far infra red electrical and magnetic properties of tourmaline along with the alpha waves and negative ions, absorbs into the meridian energy channels, nervous system and fluid channels (energetically - lymph & blood). 

Also, as ancient cultures teach, the foot is a map to the entire body, as different areas of the foot correlate to and correspond to various organs and glands in the body. For example, if a Reflexologist finds that you have pain just below the pinky toes, she might ask if you have tight shoulder pain or tension. Or if he finds that the heal is a painful or has hard spots, he might ask if you have lower back problems. And massaging these areas on the feet relieve these areas of the upper body. Therefore, the Infinite Inergy Detox Pad may be used on those areas indicated below, to bring relief to those areas of the body, and help to clear waste and toxic materials. Applying Detox Foot Pads on the bottom of the feet, before bed can help draw out the toxins from the organs that correspond to where you put the patch on the foot.   SEE CHART BELOW


Remove the Pad and adhesive sticker from the package. Place the Foot Pad on the bottom of the foot and place the adhesive sticker over the pad to keep it in place all night long. I’ve found it to be helpful to put on a pair of socks over the Foot Pads. When you wake in the morning, the Foot Pads will be wet and stinky. It’s nice to have a box of baby wipes handy to wipe the feet clean. 

Infinite Inergy Detox Pads can be placed on other areas of the body too. Although you will find that these areas don't produce as much water (from eccrine glands) as the feet do. Yet it is still effective. Please note that the pads are still able to work if they have not gotten wet, so they can be reused until soiled (for example when placed on a shoulder). 

Depending on your needs, you can alternate each night, by placing a Pad on the right foot one night, then the left foot the other night. Or you can choose to place a Foot Pad on both feet each night, which is most preferable. Initially you’d want to do this each night for at least two weeks, and months for conditions that require more. Everyone is different, so only you know best for you. But optimally, apply the Pads nightly until they come clean. 
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