Color Therapy

bring the color back - your health back - into your life!
If you knew that you were electric-light, made of photon energy at the quantum level, then it'd make 
sense that in order to heal your body, you'd need light to do so. Replenish the light that you are.

HOW TO GET STARTED (Healing Yourself)

1. order the Manual (self help guide. good start to familiarize yourself with this healing modality) $20
2. Buy Spectra-chrome color transparencies $75 aproximately
3  Consider buying PAR 38 Can - projector (I found 2 for $19 free shipping on ebay :) OR just make your own projector out of cardboard box - just as effective
Get started by becoming a member of
Dinshah Health Society - Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy Health Society
Scroll down. You want item #1. 
This includes membership, the book, tonation schedule (important), and a DVD—for around $20.
The next step - order the color transparencies: You have many options.
Here's one - Stage Spot
Under COLOR to choose - choose "all 11 colors" buy al for $75 (then cut to size - for PAR38 Can Light cut them 6.5" x 6.5")

In today's busy world, the traditional Dinshah color therapy treatments - above option #1 - though very rewarding, may be involved and time consuming. Therefore option #2 below - Innovative Eyewear, is a highly effective color therapy healing treatment method that has a successful 25 year track record. 

The Spectro-chromium color light method according to Dinshah P. Ghadiali is the proven color light application in which all organ systems and functions of the body are assigned special colors. 
Thanks to the PRiSMA Spektro chrome color spectroscopy, 
Spektro-Chrom is now also available for the eyes! 
The color filters are optimally matched with the Dinshah specifications, where "tonations" are accomplished via the eyes 
using the spektro-chromium application. For comfort and convenience, apply spectro chrome color therapy using Prisma glasses, 
any time and anywhere,contributing to the gentle harmonization and normalization of the physiological processes. 

contact us if you'd like to be referred to more information on the Spektro-Chrom color therapy method 

To save you time and simplify this process for you (because learning and understanding all that is necessary to effectively utilize this technology is no small endeavor - there is quite a lot to it) , please feel free to reach out to me and allow me to guide you through your best and most ideal therapeutic process to help you experience the results you're looking for, to heal yourself.
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