Inergy Prills

   Inergy Prills

Inergy Prill Beads Turn Water Into Pure Energy       

Inergy Prill Beads are an all-natural life force energy enhanced water purifier and revitalizer, that makes “vital water” from any source. Drinking Inergy Prill water cleanses and hydrates the body at the cellular level, enhancing nutrient absorption as well as toxin elimination to restore the body.

When Inergy Prills are placed in common water, a remarkable transformation occurs. The water takes on the characteristics of “dew”, which has a much “thinner” surface tension. Skin readily absorbs “dew” and repels common water, as it is more easily absorbed into every cell (be it human, animal or plant). Inergy Prill water, also known as structured, hexagonal, and energized water, hydrates faster, delivers nutrients and removes waste more efficiently than regular water. And it works with magnesium, the most deficient mineral in our bodies, to help the body heal itself. 

Inergy Prill Water is great for drinking, bathing, watering plants, washing vegetables, sanitizing skin as well as household surfaces, and as a moisturizing spray.

How Inergy Prills work

Inergy Prill beads are created from magnesium oxide prills by applying a life force enhancing proprietary bioresonance process, where an alchemical transformation occurs. Originally created to clean up nuclear waste, Inergy Prills have also been poured into open bodies of water causing pollutants and toxins to disappear, helping wildlife and plant life to flourish again. When Inergy Prill water replaces the energy of common water, the new liquid is technically just water (with molecules more tightly bonded). However, energetically the water is very different. The light energy emitting from Inergy Prills and the prill water has been seen as a blue color. For those who can see this, it also travels. It has been seen spreading across the floor and up walls and ceilings, making a blue web-like structure, connected with blue dots. Some of you will recognize this as "fourth seal" energy: love, and resonating at the fourth level of consciousness. 

Ways to Use Inergy Prill Water:

Drink and cook with it, bathe in it (2 lbs bag in bathtub), and feed it to pets or plants. Use in humidifier to help sinus and lung issues. Prill water repels black mold and helps eliminate odor by placing a container of Prill water in the room. Clean and marinate fruits and veggies to enhance flavor and increase juicing capacity. Spray and wipe counters and sinks to clean. Use Prill water spray for washing hands is handy while traveling. Great for cleaning baby;s bottom at diaper changes. Place cut flowers in Prill water and you will be amazed at how long they last. 

Inergy Prills Provide:

  • Superior hydration
  •  Efficient detoxification 
  • Ph balance- alkalinizes the body 
  • Enhances nutrient absorption 
  • Anti-aging, hydrates for younger, healthier skin 
  • Aids digestion and elimination 
  •  Increases metabolic efficiency 
  • Activates cellular communication 
  •  Restores energy, rejuvenating and revitalizing 
It's called Energized Water and it has the ability to 
pass easily into your cells, taking nutrients in and pushing toxins out.
We know how important that is - absolutely essential to regain and maintain your good health.

Superior Hydration... straight from your cup!

For most of us, before water gets into our cup, it's processed to be safe for drinking. But these processes kill the life-enhancing, highly moisturizing properties the water had when it was still in a high mountain stream.

Tap water has a difficult time getting inside your cells, so you need to drink more of it, to get the same hydration. And if your water is treated with chemicals to kill bacteria, that water will also kill the healthy bacteria in your gut. Please consider taking a Probiotic Supplement to bring your gut's healthy bacteria back into balance. Your immune system will thank you by fighting off flu season!
Water MoleculeDr Masaru Emoto has taken photos of water molecules, before and after exposing them to positive words (prayer) and music. Take a look at his website and you might be amazed at the intelligence of water!

Mountain-fresh spring water molecules look like pretty snow flakes - they still have their original super-moisturizing properties, to easily get right into the cells of your body, pets and plants.

For your health’s sake, change your water!

You can’t survive without water, nor oxygen- the basic structure (H20) of water tells us this. The human body is 70% water and is in constant need of replenishing. It is a fact that the root cause of all diseases is the lack of proper hydration of the human body. Change your water into more pure, more alkalinizing and more hydrating H2O.

How much water should you drink per day? 
Take your weight in pounds, divide it by two, and that's how many ounces of water you should be drinking every day. Enjoy!

 Directions for Use:

  • Prior to initial use rinse the Prills with cold water to remove excess dust (about 5 mins).  
  • Place sachet of Prills in a one gallon glass or ceramic container (not plastic or metal). (If the sachet of Prills will not fit into the opening of your jar- like a cider jug, you may pour the Prills in loose). If using a larger container for more people, figure one 2-3 oz.Prills sachet per gallon.  
  • Fill with drinking water and let sit for 12 to 24 hours to build up charge.  
  • Pour off up to three quarters of the water volume to use as needed (you may store in hard plastic container after charging).  
  • Refill with drinking water. The charge will rebuild within one hour. You can repeat this for several years, many times each day.  
Note: If the water is charged for more than a week, it may taste metallic. It is still safe to drink, and may produce a strong energizing effect. You may discard the water and start the charging process again. Refrigerate the water only after processing, since refrigeration slows charging process.


Inergy prills work at vitalizing even regular tap water. If your water has either chlorine or fluoride, leave the lid off the jar and just stir or fan it so these chemicals can escape. Since they are heavier than air, they tend to sit on top of the jar. The better the water quality that you begin with, the better your resulting Inergy Prill Water will be. Reverse osmosis water is excellent to use, or you can filter your tap water with a carbon filter (ex:britta) before charging with Inergy Prills. If you use a ceramic container for your delivered 3-5 gallon water jugs, just place 3 sachets of Inergy Prills in the ceramic part. Although not a necessity, using filtered water will ensure that your Inergy Prills will last much longer. Prill water detoxifies your body - so start out slow and build up to where you can drink 2 to 4 liters (quarts) - daily. 

Re-create Mountain-fresh Spring Water - In a jug or straight in your cup!

Swish it around your mouth - it feels full-bodied, smooth, round and pure.

You will Love the Taste!

Put Energized Water in your pets' bowl and see the difference in their health and happy behavior.

Use Energized Water in a vase of cut flowers and watch them stay beautiful for weeks.

I use Energized Water on my plants and never use fertilizer. All my friends are amazed at my "green thumb".

Important Information:

Follow the directions in the package: this is not a water filter. 
  • Filter your tap water with a Berkey, reverse osmosis or charcoal filter first or other filtration to clean your water. The Prills are a water revitalizer, not a filtering method. As it is important to remove the toxins found in tap water. 
  • The Catalyst contributes no chemicals to the water; it doesn’t dissolve, and it does not absorb impurities that would impair its function.
  • This Catalyst will work for a very long time. Your Inergy Prills will last a lifetime.
  • This is not designed to compete with the bottled water companies, it improves on any water. The better the water you begin with, the better your resulting Prill Perfect Water will be. 

Suggestions For The Coming Era 

We have precarious times we have ahead of us, with the potential unavailability of supplements, and the serious shortage of water and food, and being forced to eat GMO foods. With the fact that water will be the most valuable commodity in our future, consider buying more bags of Inergy Prills than you need, as this could make the difference in the health and well being of your family, friends and neighbors in the times to come. Inergy Prill beads may well be the most beneficial, practical and economical health buy that exists on the market today. While they are available, purchase your supply today, to use now and stock for tomorrow.

Water is Precious

The world’s water supply isn't simply at risk, it is in crisis. Water is the essence of life, sustaining every living being in the world. Yet we soon face a world in which only those that can pay for their water will survive. More than 1 in 6 people in the world have no access to safe drinking water. 1 out of every 4 deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is due to a water-related disease. In developing countries, about 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. Over one-third of the world's population has no access to sanitation facilities.

Inergy Prill water, also known as structured, hexagonal, and energized water, hydrates faster, delivers nutrients and removes waste much more efficiently than regular water, by simply placing Inergy Prills in a glass or ceramic container of water from any source. 

Energized water has an improved taste, and it is detoxifying to drink or bathe in. Since most of us have the mediocre water quality from commercial water producers or municipal services, return tap water to its original, hydrating, life-giving state.

Stay Hydrated - Stay Healthy!

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