Quantum Healing Session

Quantum Healing Sessions

Profound healing comes from within, and through awareness of the core issues contributing to health challenges, and by applying the appropriate therapies, the natural healing process to takes place. 
Unveil – Dissolve – Transmute - Heal
A Quantum Healing Session clears and balances the highest priority factors that are contributing to your health challenges, and includes your subtle energies, physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual aspects (more on this below). Once the priorities are determined in succession, we address each specific causal disturbances or blockages that are found, and work with you through an awareness and clearing process that support your body's innate potentialities to bring you to a place of deep and profound healing.

Fundamentals on how I work with you:

Intuitive Energy Reading
Prior to our phone meeting, I take time to go into meditation and into focus, tuning in to your energy. With kinesiology (energy testing) & intuition I access your energy field to define where your body needs balancing. This allows me to identify what's going on in your unique energy systems physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. From here I receive a great deal of information and with kinesiology I use charts, maps and references and work with you on what your body requires in order to support optimal balance. 
The Healing Session
With your energy disturbances identified, and having determined what is needed  to bring restoration, we work over the phone together. I'll have your 'healing map' laid out and ready to assist you, where I'll guide you through the healing process. Some of the contributing factors (below) may come up in a session. Working in priority, we'll address the specific causal disturbances found, move into remediation, and allow your spirit to bring profound awareness and healing on all levels of consciousness.
What you need to do
For the session, find a time when you can be alone, free of distractions from people, calls, and obligations. It's important that you are able to let the world fade away so you can intently focus inward. Place yourself in comfortable setting, or in bed or in comfy chair and have water handy. You'll want your hands free to hold meridian points and such if needed, so headphones or speaker works best (be sure your phone is charged). Your only job is to relax and enjoy the journey, allowing your spirit to guide us all along the way.  
What to expect
The experience in each session is as unique and individual as you are, and no two sessions are alike, yet they are always transformational. Plan on setting aside a minimum of 2 hour initially for this work, without setting tight limitations. Most sessions thereafter are 1 hour, though at times can run up to 2 hours. Give yourself space afterward to just be, and allow integration, rest or sleep. This work is a very peaceful and enjoyable process, where we get a lot of deep healing work done.

Categories and factors that may be addressed in your session:

The categories below are a generality of what I look for in your assessment, to determine what specific imbalances that are to be addressed. In each session all or some of these categories come up specific to your current needs, since I am asking for the highest priorities at the time of the session, and asking what the contributing factors are of these.

Physical body level

Specific (to you) energy medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, flower essences, magnets, light therapy, sound, energy tools, laser treatments etc. are incorporated if and when any of these (below) come up in your assessment.
The energetic aspects of these listed below are addressed:
  • allergies, chemical and organic disruptors 
  • structural - musculoskeletal
  • nutritional - diet, deficiencies, excess
  •  trauma 
  •  PH 
  •  Infection - parasites, virus, bacteria, mold, fungus
  •  toxins - chemicals, 
  •  congestion
  •  scars
  •  geopathic stress 
  • EMF electromagnetic current/field disturbances  

Emotional body level  

This is a very powerful transformational experience. About 90% of health issues originate on the emotional level. 
A session assesses and transmutes emotional memory/associative hook-up, having a profound effect by changing neuro-patterns 
and re-wiring associations the brain. see more on Emotional Healing  

Every Health issue has an emotional component, which has an effect on the body. These emotions are established by something that has occurred in your past, present and may have a tie to your future. In an emotional release session, we determine where the tie is to the past, present or future, and identify what people, places, things, times and events are involved. You will be facilitated in releasing these emotional bonds and gently address fears, traumas and events from the past that continue, on either a conscious or sub-conscious level, to be a constant drain on the energy system.

Using bio-energetic kinesiology methods and intuition, I access what points in time the trauma escalated and accumulated, from gestation through to present, and sometimes reaching into ancestral or past lives. In addressing underlying cause of the imbalance, we together (you and I), clear the part of the body system and energy field where the trauma is trapped. This method is able to help dissolve the 'no longer serving' frequencies on the organic, cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual body levels. This process brings you on a magnificent inner journey and is deeply released by your truth and your forgiveness and your capabilities of letting go.
  • identify emotion/attitude/trauma causing blockage and what organs are being affected.
  •  Recognize fear/emotions, recover ulterior motive, and reconcile. 
  • Time line - points/events in your timeline that accumulated into an issue
  •  Determine what specific energy medicine and essences help bring emotional/mental support and balance. 

Mental body level

Using gentle and effective techniques from Health Kinesiology we may address

  • relationships 
  • identity disrupt
  •  fears and phobias 
  • repetitive thought patterns
  •  behavior 
  • addiction 
  • career 
  • life path 
  • money/financial
  • will to live 

Spiritual body level

Profound transmutations happen on this level, and when loved ones, friends and acquaintances are often brought up in the process, the changes that happen in those relationships confirm the transformations here.

  • karma 
  • attachments 
  • non beneficial thought forms 
  • psychic cords
  • vows
  • contracts 
  • integration 
  • neglect 
  • life force energy level 
  • mass consciousness  

Subtle Energy bodies

  • acupuncture meridian (energy) channels 
  • charkas/seals (energy conductors) 
  • subtle energy levels (the physical body is only 4% of who and what we are, and is derived from the subtle bodies. The subtle bodies and subtle energies is the higher level consciousness & energy - the 96%) 
You have the opportunity for a new beginning right now. 
Today. With me.
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  • ““ “I feel that I am forever changed. I am profoundly grateful for this extraordinary healing!””

    Sara C - Los Angeles, Ca

  • “ “I have been healthy!!! I am so grateful for my health right now!””

    Christine K- Irvine Ca

  • ““I have attained a continuing feeling of physical “fullness or peace”, comfort within myself, more joy and a great sense of relief.””

    Joan S. Birmingham, Al

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